Harrow Legacy Straight Lacrosse Shaft with P11 Head Strung

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The Legacy Shaft is the perfect shaft for an aggressive defender or a versatile mid. It mocks the thickness of a boy’s shaft and can deliver game changing checks to the opposition. It is also designed to allow offensive players to maneuver throughout the field seamlessly. The Legacy’s stream-line design makes it a perfect shaft for any Harrow head.

– 31.5” in Length
– 130 Grams
– High Grade Composite Construction
– All Weather Control

With a new contoured throat design, the P11 is lightweight and balanced, made for the most elite of players. The low sidewalls allow for a deeper pocket and allow players to cradle, pass and catch with ease.

– All Weather Control
– Meets US Lacrosse Specifications


Electric blue shaft with P11 black head

  • Item #: HRWLGSP11H
  • Manufacturer: Harrow
  • Condition: New