Voodoo Precision E3 Stick 2017
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Naming this stick was simple task. From tip-to-toe, this Voodoo weapon delivers pure PRECISION to your game. Fixed with the fundamental core Voodoo technologies that keep you one step ahead of the competition, this performance Voodoo weapon features a dual-wall construction that gives superior feel, power… and precision! Prepare yourself for a lateral and torsional stiffness that generates power you rarely find in a mid-upper range stick. Fixed with a higher-than-normal balance point to increase your control and reaction time, you can depend on the Voodoo Precision Field Hockey Stick to deliver the performance and accuracy you need.

Stick Specifications:

CURVE: 24mm (MB Mould)
POWER RATING: 8+ (Superior)

Standard Master Range Features: Soft Touch, Custom Sleeve of Twaron Aramide for superior power/control ratio.  Patented Supa Light, twin channel construction.

  • Item #: VDOPREESTK17
  • Manufacturer: Voodoo
  • Condition: New

Voodoo Precision E3 Stick 2017

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