Mercian Xtreme Body Armor
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The new Xtreme body armor features a cosmetic change, with a black and electric blue outer material, covering high-density foam and plastic protection plates. The shoulder protection covers both the point of the shoulder and also the vulnerable area to the sides of the upper chest, while the chest pad itself has a soft comfort pad behind it to aid fit, comfort and impact protection.

The removable arms offer good protection levels with multiple densities of foam and the elbow caps that cushion the elbow at point of impact. With multiple adjustment points, a very competitive price and high protection levels this unit is suitable for use at all levels from beginner to international.                    


Xtreme Body Armor  Ref: CP52
Sizing Guide - Approximate Chest Size:

XL - to fit 44 - 46
L - to fit 40 - 42
M - to fit 36 - 38
S - to fit 32 - 34
XS - to fit 28 - 30


  • Manufacturer: Mercian
  • Condition: New

Mercian Xtreme Body Armor

Price: $175.00
Availability: Not Available