Grays GX4000 Scoop Field Hockey Stick
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• Scoop helps players to cradle the ball when dribbling, without any loss of control when hitting or flicking
• Increased Aramid mix for improved shock absorption
• High Fiberglass content ensures more power and durability
• The Scoop's toe is compliant with FIH guidelines (2011 Field Hockey Rule 2.3F) that the flat playing side of the head of the stick can be no more than 4mm convex or concave.

Lengths in Inches: 35", 36", 37", 38"
Colors: Blue
Reinforcement Materials: Carbon, Aramid & Fiberglass
Weight: M
Headshape: Scoop IFA
Head Face: Standard
Power Rating: Xtra
Blade Profile: Standard
Balance Point: 37.5cm
Handle Construction: ERH
  • Item #: ASGRY4KSCP
  • Manufacturer: Grays
  • Condition: New

Grays GX4000 Scoop Field Hockey Stick

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