GRAYS GX8000 Mid-Bow HS Field Hockey Stick
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Micro toe is excellent for drag flicking and 3D skills
• Curve is in the same spot as on our standard bow sticks, but the bow is 24.75mm versus 20mm
• Mid-bow helps improve the angle at which the stick hits the ball and gives players the technical edge they need to perform the increasingly popular 3D skills
• Uses Tri-Tec, the latest development in Carbon Fiber technology from GRAYS. The new three directional layering process, Tri-Tec, is a triaxial carbon fiber weave that increases consistency and helps generate improved performance, particularly in the energy transfer qualities when hitting the ball. Each inter-connected carbon fiber strand improves the sticks’ handle and feel as it is more efficient and consistent than standard uni-directional carbon fiber weaves.
• Introducing the HS Model with two parallel beams running down the rear of the blade generate exceptional “core stability” to the central spine of the stick which offers
High Stability: New rear spine adds “core stability” to the rear of the stick
Hitting Strength: Tri-Tec carbon allows harder hits and better energy transfer
Hand Speed: New shape allows players increased hand speed
• IFA to absorb initial ball contact
• Energy Reduction Handle (ERH) helps decrease vibration

Lengths in Inches: 35", 36", 37", 38"
Colors: Black/White/Gold
Reinforcement Materials: CarbonAramid
Weight: M
Headshape: Micro
Head Face: IFA
Power Rating: Xtra Stiff
Blade Profile: Mid-Bow
Balance Point: 37.5cm
Handle Construction: ERH

  • Item #: GRYSGX8KMCR
  • Manufacturer: Grays
  • Condition: New

GRAYS GX8000 Mid-Bow HS Field Hockey Stick

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